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FieldKo January '19 Release

Introducing Salesforce Einstein Vision Object Recognition

As part of its January ‘19 release FieldKo is delighted to be introducing Einstein Vision Object Recognition. With this exciting new feature representatives will be able to simply take a photo of their products on the shelf of a store, and immediately identify the quantity, product and share of shelf percentage. This data can then be used to populate orders and replaces what was previously a survey question manually completed by the representative, thereby helping them reduce time spent in store. While there is some work involved in getting this functionality up and running, the increased efficiency it offers for the entire ordering process is significant. In addition, the accompanying planogram feature can be used to improve the representatives interaction in store, leading to a better all round experience for them and the end customer.

FieldKo Portal is another great feature of the release. While your representatives might be doing a great job gathering and processing orders from your customers, the FieldKo portal can provide an indirect sales channel for your dealer network or reselling agents to do the same. Retailers can also use the portal to self-service at a time convenient to them. The simple but functional interface means users can view and place new orders stress free and with ease. The portal can also be used to circulate promotional information and other useful documentation that is not normally readily available.

With these latest developments FieldKo is continuing to enhance its product offering in response to customer needs and to provide the best user experience possible. Please refer to the release notes for more detailed information on Einstein Vision Object Recognition an FieldKo portal.

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