FieldKo Onboarding Service

Scope for our Quick Start package

These are the scope items for our FieldKo Quick Start package. It's intended to get you up and running with FieldKo quickly and provides the most commonly used features. Implementation of the Quick Start package can typically be completed within one to two weeks.

All our onboarding services are governed by our Master Services Agreement which is available to view here.

In Scope

As part of our Quick Start onboarding package, FieldKo will:

  • Install and configure the FieldKo Managed Package

  • Create up to 20 new FieldKo users as directed by Customer, including: System Administrator, Territory Manager(s), State Manager(s), National Sales Manager(s) and Sales Reps

  • Import up to 1,000 Accounts and Contacts using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) template provided by FieldKo. The CSV template is to be populated by the Customer

  • Configure up to 3 additional column names on Core Ranging

  • Import up to 100 Products and Price Books using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) template provided by FieldKo. The CSV template is to be populated by the Customer 

  • Create up to 5 Surveys with up to 5 Questions in each Survey to help you get started

  • Create up to 10 Task types

  • Configure weighting metrics on Tasks and Surveys to establish the ‘Perfect Store’

  • Create 5 Reports and one Dashboard to help you visualise the data in graphical format

  • Conduct ‘Train the Trainer’ training for a maximum of 4 hours delivered remotely and recorded upon request

Out of Scope

As part of this Quick Start onboarding package, FieldKo will not:

  • Transform, manipulate or engaging in any data cleansing activity as it relates to data migration, i.e. importing your data into FieldKo

  • Provide any integration services with other external systems

  • Any other Salesforce/FieldKo customisations not included in the 'In Scope" section

  • Provide training services beyond ‘Train the Trainer’, i.e. we will not provide training to end users.

  • Configure FieldKo to automatically push the appropriate key Account Product Range down to child Store Accounts

  • Configure FieldKo to capture and upload documents containing the details of call priority and activities (e.g. Account newsletter, Sales aid, Work with a Day form)

  • Configure FieldKo to capture Visit (Call Cycle) priorities set by the National Retail Field Manager (note call priorities are set by Sales Managers when creating the Call Plan in FieldKo)

  • Configure FieldKo to capture any audit related customisation

  • Configure FieldKo to Capture Store Account Issue requirements

  • Configure FieldKo to turn-in Orders into related Requirements

  • Configure any other Salesforce Service or Sales Cloud features including but not limited to: Opportunity Management, Quote, Invoicing, Forecasting, Email Integration, Communities, Console, Live Agent or Knowledge

  • Apex Development and Visual Force Pages


  • All work will be conducted remotely during regular business hours

  • ​Customer will be available during regular business hours to provide support, feedback and input to successfully complete the In Scope items as required

  • FieldKo will have access to all necessary systems, stakeholders and documentation required to successfully complete the In Scope items