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Case Study

Customer: RCL Foods
Industry: Consumer Goods

RCL Foods: Welcome

RCL Foods

RCL Foods is a leading South African food manufacturer employing over 21,000. They produce a wide range of branded and private label food products which are distributed through their own route to market supply chain specialist, Vector Logistics (VTM) across 3,400 retail outlets. VTM provides RCL Foods with multi-temperature warehousing, distribution, supply chain intelligence and sales solutions.

RCL Foods: Our Technology

Benefits Delivered by FieldKo

Scalable org-wide audit solution

Challenge: VTM needed a single technology platform to manage merchandising requirements for their internal staff as well as 20+ external Brand Principals

Solution: FieldKo provided scalable merchandising and audit solution on a single platform. FieldKo's configurable audits capture Store Health ‘Scorecards’ which can be instantly pushed to field team members to execute as needed

Benefit: VTM can meet and respond to the evolving needs of 20+ brand Principals with agility

KPI management

Challenge: VTM needed to plan and measure field staff presence across a large network of retail locations. Physical attendance and associated activities also needed to be visible by management

Solution: FieldKo's mobile app allows field team members to plan their required activities ensuring internal and external SLAs are met while providing management with oversight

Benefit: Field teams can operate with high efficiency and leave every retail store ‘call’ confident they have done everything they need to do


Challenge: VTM required highly granular insights about audit and in store activity to help them make more informed decisions

Solution: FieldKo's app provides analytical insights across every metric collected by the field team including detailed audit outcomes, execution performance, 'Scorecards' as well as geographical-based activity

Benefit: VTM can extract analytical insights on every aspect of its field teams’ operations enabling them to make informed business decisions related to retail performance

Customer 360

Challenge: VTM wanted to develop a detailed understanding of each retail store

Solution: FieldKo's field audits allow VTM to develop an understanding of every retail store configured to the specific needs of VTM and its partners

Benefit: VTM can identify new revenue growth opportunities across its network of retail stores and make decisions in real time

RCL Foods: Projects

RCL Foods Key Stats


Retail Outlets





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