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  • Bring Structure to your Visits

    • Defined set of objectives & tasks for Reps in each visit
    • Reps have clarity on activities to be performed
    • Drives compliance and productivity
    • Customers get standardised interaction experience
    • Reduced ramp up time for new Reps

    Optimise your route

    • View planned and completed visits by location
    • Save time through route optimization
    • Drill down into individual visits directly from the map
    • Find nearby accounts for adhoc visits

    Map all of your accounts

    • View all your accounts on a map
    • Reps can plan visits from the map view based
    • On territory directly from their mobile device

    Place orders from anywhere

    • Place orders directly from a visit
    • Support for custom products and price books
    • Signature capture directly on the mobile device
    • Generate and send order confirmation as a PDF
    • Integrate with your back end ERP

    Go Offline

    • Poor internet connectivity is no longer a problem
    • Have complete access to all your data offline
    • Sync the data once your connectivity is up

    Insights on your fingertips

    Account Sales





    Also Available on Smartphones

  • Features

    FieldKo provides a complete cloud based solution for field sales and marketing teams

    Start your day with FieldKo

    • View 'day at a glance' including activities pushed from head office
    • Access complete Account information
    • View and track Objectivities and KPIs
    • Collaborate with every member of the team all in real time with Chatter

    Visit Planning

    • View visits by day, week or month
    • Drag and drop planning existing visits
    • Plan your visits by territory
    • Create new visits with surveys and tasks through drag and drop
    • Create recurring visits

    Route Optimization

    • View planned and completed visits (activities and tasks) by location
    • Save time through route optimization
    • Check In to nearby locations to track adhoc visits
    • Drill down into individual visits directly from the map
    • Find nearby accounts

    Account Map

    • View all your Accounts on a map
    • Reps can plan Visits from the map view based on territory they are visiting directly from their mobile device

    Manage customer & Prospect Visits

    • Reps view relevant surveys & tasks in store
    • Track time in store through Check In & Check Out
    • Up to date surveys and questions with photos
    • Log cases directly from a visit
    • Access 360 degree view of the customer in store

    Track Visit Contacts

    • Track and record each Contact the rep meets during the Visit
    • Create a new Contact from the Visit if they're not already in the app
    • Report on new and existing Contact activity

    Signature Capture

    • Track and capture signatures from within a survey directly on your mobile device
    • Drive improved survey compliance

    Place Orders

    • Generate Orders directly from a Visit
    • Add and edit individual product line items
    • Support for custom Products and Price Books
    • Signature capture directly on the mobile device
    • Generate and send Order confirmation as a PDF
    • Integrate with your backend ERP

    Product Ranging

    • Capture product ranges available in the store
    • Capture quantities of each product available
    • Filter by product categories
    • Capture only differences from last ranging to make it faster
    • Report on Product distribution across stores

    Next Visit ToDo's

    • Before checking out, plan Tasks and Surveys for next Visit
    • Capture notes and activities for the next Visit
    • The captured information will automatically be available on the next Visit, even if it is not planned yet

    Understand what happens at each Visit

    • View Planned versus Actual time in store
    • Track distance of Check In and Check Out from the Account
    • View related activity by type (not started, in progress and completed)

    Custom Tasks, Surveys and Questions

    • Point and click creation of custom tasks and surveys
    • Choice of survey question types including: free text, checkbox, multiple choice, date and even photos
    • Report on across any question response

    Manager Map View

    • See your team's Visit and Account activity on a map
    • Add, Edit and View Visit information from the map view
    • View your team's Accounts with filter views
    • Get real time insights into your team's performance in the field

    Reports & Dashboards

    • Report and track every metric including:
    • Call Cycle Activity
    • Real time Account coverage
    • Check In and task compliance

    Call Cycles

    • Managers can Create Call cycles for their reps in a few clicks
    • Adjust the Call Cycle dates and durations, while creating
    • Associate and Plan on Call Cycle Visits
    • Report across key Call Cycle metrics


    • Set goals for team activities
    • Measure your team's performance based on the activities they have completed
    • Report across Call Cycles

    Field Campaigns

    • Save time creating new Field Campaigns in a few clicks
    • Run your Field Campaigns and mass assign Activities to reps.
    • Assign Visits based on existing Visit Templates and Account Sets

    Dynamic Surveys with Dependent Questions

    • Create custom surveys that support different answer trees
    • Set next level questions to be dependent upon prior answers
    • Track more complex responses

    Visit Templates

    • Create Visit Templates that can be reused for future activities
    • Save clicks when creating new Visits
    • Leverage predefined Tasks and Surveys

    Transfer Visits

    • Easily transfer Visits from one rep to another in a few clicks through a calendar view
    • Avoid disruption to Account Visits in the event that a rep is away unexpectedly

    Account Sets

    • Create and save a set of Accounts as an Account Set
    • Account Sets can be created based on criteria set by the user
    • Combine Account Sets with Visit Templates to plan visits in a few clicks
    • Create dynamic views of Account Sets

    Account Teams

    • Allow more than just the Account Owner to conduct the Visit
    • Define and Account Team and allow any member of the team to conduct the Account Visit


    • View pictures of Planogram from within a survey
    • Compare actual displays against Planograms
    • Answer questions to report on compliance

    FieldKo for Agencies (optional)

    • Agencies can support multiple brands
    • Segregate your data by brand
    • Create brand teams
    • Associate Accounts and Visits with specific brands
    • Conduct Visits for a specific brand
    • Leverage Salesforce Communities to share and collaborate around brand specific data with each brand

    FieldKo is Multilingual

    • Use FieldKo in the language of your choice
    • Every user can have different language
    • Easy configuration with Salesforce translation workbench

    Also Available On Smartphones

    • Keep FieldKo in your pocket
    • FieldKo is now Smartphone ready
    • Switch seamlessly between Tablets and Phones
    • Carry lighter Smartphones, not Tablets

    Go Offline

    • Weak internet connectivity is no more an issue
    • Have complete access to all your data offline
    • Sync the updates once the connectivity resumes

    FieldKo is Multi-Platform

    Use FieldKo on the device of your choice

    - Supports iOS, Android and Windows

  • Industries

    FieldKo is built on the Salesforce Platform

    It is the world's most trusted, secure and scalable cloud computing platform for the enterprise

    Electrical and Appliances

    Electrical and Appliance companies need to ensure they drive operational efficiency with their field teams. FieldKo helps drive preferential product placement, in store training, POS activation as well as resolve out of stock issues


    Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage companies need to cater to an increasingly sophisticated customer in a highly competitive market. FieldKo helps address the challenges related to new product introductions, ongoing campaigns, orders and Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

    Consumer Goods

    CPG market leaders are continuously looking for ways to increase promotions ROI and retail footprint as well as gain competitive intelligence. FieldKo addresses these challenges through a scalable, user friendly solution designed for reps in the field


    Telecommunication companies today need to ensure their field teams have the tools to automate the service order process with tight integration to backend ERP and provisioning systems. FieldKo enables reps in the field to manage and provision services in real time from their mobile device

    Consumer Healthcare and OTC

    Consumer Healthcare and Over The Counter (OTC) companies need robust data collection and order fulfilment capabilities. FieldKo provides a seamless solution for reps in the field to be successful anywhere

  • Understanding FieldKo

  • Pricing


    $79 per user per month - up to 25 users

    $59 per user per month - 26 to 50 users

    $49 per user per month - 51+ users


    What you get:


    Full access to the FieldKo app

    Mobile app - iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet

    Accounts & Contacts

    Call Cycle Management

    Visit & Activity Planning

    Dynamic Maps & Route Optimization

    Account Map

    Track Visit Contacts

    Mobile Signature Capture

    Place Orders

    Product Ranging

    Next Visit ToDo's

    Manager Map View

    Field Campaigns


    Create custom Questions, Surveys & Tasks

    Dynamic Surveys with Dependent Questions

    Visit Templates

    Transfer Visits

    Account Sets

    Account Teams


    FieldKo for Agencies (optional)


    Chatter - company social network

    Works seamlessly with Salesforce Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

    ERP integration (at additional cost)

    Powered by force.com
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    Fonterra + FieldKo



    FieldKo was chosen because it offered Fonterra seamless integration between the SAP ERP system and the Salesforce CRM platform, while being flexible enough to meet the challenges of two very different sales channels - with unique field sales and marketing execution strategies.

    It also provided Fonterra with a single system featuring Salesforce reports and dashboards that measure performance in different markets.


    FieldKo key benefits:

    Improved data capture

    Optimised route planning

    Offline capabilities

    Image recognition

    Compliance analytics

    Dynamic dashboard reporting


    To learn more about field productivity simply fill out the form below:


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