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Transform every Sales, Service, HR and Coaching call with FieldKo Copilot AI.

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Unlock Productivity Gains

Save Time

Automate insights from call transcriptions using AI and eliminate hours of manual effort

Gain Deeper Insights

Configure each Copilot Template to provide AI-driven insights tailored specifically for your use case

Leverage Structured Output

AI outputs are provided in structured, usable format that you define to meet your business requirements


Why FieldKo Copilot AI?

  • Easy

  • Configurable

  • Scalable

  • Powerful

Use your existing online meeting solution

FieldKo Copilot AI works with your existing online meeting platform including: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

Simply record and download the call transcript for use in our app or, for a fully automated approach, invite our Copilot Bot to join your calls and we'll capture notes and document the outcomes for you.

Create Copilot Templates and Assistants to specify the AI outputs for your use case

Our Copilot Templates allow you to specify what type of meeting outcomes you want. Create different Copilot Templates to support use cases across your business including: sales, service and HR.

This ensures the AI generated outputs from each call align to your business needs.

Built on the world's best enterprise software platform

FieldKo Copilot is built natively on Salesforce, which allows you to take advantage of the world's best cloud computing platform.

Install FieldKo Copilot AI into your Salesforce org or we can provision a new Salesforce org for you to use with our app.

Leverage the latest AI models to deliver insights

Take advantage of the latest AI models from Open AI. Harness AI capabilities to work for your business and leverage your proprietary knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the best result from every meeting.


How it works

Start your Call

Use your existing online meeting app, including: Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Record and enable transcription on the call

Access your Transcript

Once the call is complete your transcript will be available automatically in FieldKo Copilot AI. Or if you already have transcript, copy and paste it directly into FieldKo Copilot AI

Select the Copilot Template

Select the applicable Copilot Template to be used for the AI analysis of the call

Access your AI generated Analysis

Within minutes your AI generated output is ready for you to access directly in FieldKo Copilot AI. This can include summaries, action items or anything you configure 🚀


Need clarification?

What does FieldKo Copilot AI do?

FieldKo Copilot AI uses AI to analyse your online meetings, extract key insights and present them in a user-friendly format within Salesforce.

What AI service does FieldKo Copilot use?

FieldKo Copilot AI uses the Open AI's GPT4 model to process and analyse information. We require that each of our customers purchase an Open AI Teams account or higher which ensures that each customer owns all of their data and that their data is not used for any training.

Learn more about Open AI's policies here.

What kind of insights does the AI find?

FieldKo Copilot AI can identify key themes, customer needs, buying signals, objections and action items. It can also be used for HR and managers for coaching and improvement purposes.

All of which is available for you to use directly the FieldKo Copilot AI app in Salesforce.

How does it integrate with Salesforce?

The app automatically populates relevant fields in Salesforce, including summaries, call metrics, tasks and recommendations.

It can also be configured for custom output structures specific to your needs to meet your specific business requirements.

Do I need Salesforce to use FieldKo Copilot AI?

FieldKo Copilot AI can be installed into your Salesforce org to work alongside your existing CRM.

Alternatively, we also provide FieldKo Copilot AI to customers who do not currently have Salesforce.

Reach out to our team to learn more.

What are the benefits for Sales Teams?

FieldKo Copilot AI Saves time by eliminating manual call note taking and improves sales rep coaching by highlighting key moments in calls.

Increase win rates by providing data-driven recommendations.

What are the benefits for Service Teams?

FieldKo Copilot AI extracts the core of customer problems, allowing agents to provide solutions more quickly and improved customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits for HR Teams?

FieldKo Copilot AI analyses candidate interviews to identify areas of improvement in the hiring process, ensuring a positive and smooth experience.

It also helps eliminate unconscious bias, leading to more equitable hiring decisions.

Is it accurate?

FieldKo Copilot leverages AI for high accuracy, but some manual review may be needed for complex conversations.

What type of calls does it work with?

FieldKo Copilot AI can handle various call types, including sales calls, customer support calls and feedback calls. We work with all of the major online meeting platforms including: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

Customers can also upload transcripts or recordings directly into our solution.

How do 'Assistants' help?

FieldKo Copilot AI Assistants allow you create powerful expert skills that can be used by the AI when analysing calls. As an example you can upload specific company knowledge documentation for use in the AI analysis, this could include new product documentation or compliance information.

Refer to this guide for a list of supported file types that can be used as attachments.

How do I get started?

Reach out to our team. We're happy to help with any other questions you may have.

"FieldKo allows our team of almost 2,000 users to collect over 3 million pieces of site information and drive real business outcomes from data insights each and every year."

"I'd recommend FieldKo to anyone who wants to drive high-performing teams. We've been using the app for over three years, and it's greatly impacted our efficiency and effectiveness."

"Fonterra uses FieldKo for customer and team interactions to conduct more than 125,000 surveys and inspections each year. These range from in store pricing, brand execution as well as customer feedback."

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