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Getting Started FAQs

What You Need to Know about Getting Started with FieldKo

Can I try FieldKo for free?

Absolutely. We provide a 30 day free trial of the full FieldKo solution with pre-populated data will allow you to get a feel for the FieldKo App. Just click on the Get Started button below.

What devices do I need for FieldKo?

FieldKo is entirely cloud based, meaning you only require a web browser (ideally Chrome) and an Apple or Andriod mobile device.

FieldKo is built on Salesforce. Do I need to already have Salesforce?

You don't need to have Salesforce to use FieldKo since FieldKo contains an embedded Salesforce license that provides you access to the Salesforce platform with your FieldKo subscription. If you already have Salesforce, the great news is that you can install FieldKo into your Salesforce org through our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

How Can I Request a Demo?

Our team is available to provide you with a tailored demo of FieldKo and answer any questions you have. Just click the Book a demo button below to organise a time

How much does FieldKo cost?

We charge on a per user basis. All pricing is available on our pricing page here.

We have existing systems. How does FieldKo work with those?

FieldKo provides a great set of features out of the box, however we know that most of our customers already have existing systems for managing orders, inventory and other parts of their business. FieldKo is able to leverage the Salesforce API to integrate with these systems as well as middleware solutions such as Mulesoft.

Can I get help from a Partner with FieldKo?

Yes, we're happy to provide you with recommendations of our preferred System Integrators. These are experts and equiped to help you with your FieldKo journey.