A Safety Auditing Software Solution That Accelerates Time To Value

Conduct inspections seamlessly and securely with the FieldKo Inspection app on Salesforce. Our easy-to-use safety auditing software, low-code/no-code platform, and mobile-first technology make collaboration across teams a reality. Eliminate the need for manual processes and paper-based forms, reduce the time to complete audit findings, and enhance issue resolution––whenever and wherever you work. 

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Streamline Processes With Smart Solutions

Manage audits and accreditation effortlessly with FieldKo's Auditing & Accreditation app on Salesforce. Facilitate effortless compliance with OSHA standards and complete risk assessments for your entire enterprise or organization with our mobile-friendly building inspection software that makes real-time collaboration, reporting, and analysis easy for everyone. Reduce errors and oversights with workflow automation, inspection data customization, and intelligent compliance management tools. Eliminate manual inspection tasks with centrally located digital checklists to streamline field inspection management and simplify your inspection process today. 

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Improve Workplace Health And Safety

Perform safety audits, preserve safety standards, and take a proactive stance on safety and hazard management with FieldKo's safety inspection software. Identify and mitigate risks at each stage of your safety analysis process. Flag potential hazards across multi-step operations quickly and efficiently to find the best ways to create a safer workplace for employees. Reduce the likelihood of on-the-job accidents with documented JSA procedures and maintain a complete record of approved safety measures. Highlight the probability and severity of hazard occurrences and recommend preventive measures to make informed decisions about your organization's safety posture. Manage job safety hazard analysis effectively with our software, eliminating paper-based forms and manual processes.

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Minimize Danger And Enhance Functions

Improve team performance, reduce supplier risks, exceed operational standards, and comply with industry regulations using FieldKo Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA). From planning and implementing solutions to documenting and addressing non-conformities, CAPA helps maintain high-quality standards across multiple job sites and teams. Identify and resolve issues with comprehensive tracking and management of preventative and corrective actions to address the root causes of problems. Take a more systematic approach to solution implementation across operations with FieldKo's corrective action software and CAPA tools.

Stay ahead of corrective actions with CAPA. 


Stay Ahead Of Regulatory Compliance And Reduce Risk

Streamline compliance processes and reduce the risk of missed information with FieldKo's Compliance Management app on Salesforce. We help you perform comprehensive risk assessments for effective compliance management to prevent unforeseen penalties and legal liabilities by reducing the likelihood of errors and oversights. Standardized checklists, automated workflows, and customizable regulatory reporting capabilities make it easy to track compliance issues, identify patterns, and generate reports across teams. Access customized templates and forms through mobile apps, and easily manage all your data in one place with FieldKo.

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with FieldKo on Salesforce. 


Transform Inspections And Improve Risk Compliance

Simplify your inspection process with FieldKo's cloud-based task management solution. Leverage effective inspection management tools, detailed inspection reports, standardized checklists, automated workflows, customizable reports, and asset management to support consistent outcomes. FieldKo's mobile inspection software helps you preserve inspection criteria across operations, with scheduling, notifications, collaboration, and communication tools ready on demand. Tailor inspection checklists to match industry standards and regulations while enhancing operational efficiency. Improve data accuracy and completeness, and reduce the risk of inspection issues. 
Ready to streamline your paperwork and data collection with FieldKo?

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with FieldKo on Salesforce. 


Avoid Risk With Incident Management

Mitigate operational risks and prepare your business for the unexpected with FieldKo's incident management solutions. Track and manage corrective actions with easy-to-use audit tools for prompt identification and resolution of safety incidents. From automated incident workflows to detailed reports for analysis and compliance, we help you keep incident management under control. Our centralised platform makes it easy for teams to maintain quality data, reduce safety hazards, avoid supplier risks, prioritise incidents, assign tasks, and collaborate in real-time. With the ability to track and generate comprehensive incident reports, you'll gain valuable trend insights and the power to address potential issues proactively.

Minimise negative impact and be ready for the future with Fieldko.


Unlock Better Inspection Management with FieldKo

perform inspections

Digital checklists, forms, and surveys

Effortless to create and simple to deploy documents for easy user access and scalable inspection management.

stay secure

Powered by GPT (AI)

AI-powered insights and recommendations for fast inspections, valuable insights, and real-time decision-making.

resolve issues

Built on Salesforce

The trusted, secure, and scalable enterprise management platform you can rely on for all your inspection needs.

manage checklists

Low code/no code solution

With no coding or development experience needed to start using FieldKo, complete inspection management is only a few clicks away.

“What I like most about FieldKo is the sophistication of the solution and the ability to tailor the system to our requirements.”

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