Save Time with AI Generated File Notes

FieldKo Copilot AI analyses client meetings and generates File Notes which helps you free up time to focus on your clients


AI Insights from Every Client Meeting

FieldKo Copilot AI

Maximise Every Client Meeting

Save Time

Automate File Notes from meeting transcriptions to eliminate hours of manual effort

Access AI File Notes

Leverage AI to generate structured File Notes that are saved automatically for you

Improve Compliance

Leverage AI to help drive better compliance across every client meeting

Start your call

Use your existing online meeting app: Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Record and enable transcription on the call

Access your transcript

Once the call is complete your transcript will be available automatically in FieldKo Copilot AI. Or if you already have transcript, copy and paste it directly into FieldKo Copilot AI

Select the Copilot Template

Select the applicable Copilot Template to be used for the AI analysis of the call

Access your AI generated File Note

Within minutes your AI generated File Note is ready for you to access directly in FieldKo Copilot AI. This can include summaries, action items or anything you configure 🚀


Game Changing Metrics

Hours saved per client meeting
Hours saved every week (assuming 10 meetings per week)
Documents available to be leveraged by AI on every client call

Need clarification?

What is FieldKo Copilot for Financial Advisors?

It's cloud-based software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate detailed file notes for financial advisors after each client meeting, saving time, ensuring accurate record-keeping and improved compliance

How does the AI generate file notes?

The AI analyses audio recordings or transcripts from client meetings to extract relevant information and then structures this into comprehensive file notes

What are the benefits of using this AI solution over manual note-taking?

Using AI reduces time spent on administrative tasks, increases accuracy, improves compliance, and allows advisors to focus more on each client.

Can the AI understand and document complex financial topics accurately?

Yes, the AI is trained on a wide range of financial topics and terminology to ensure accurate and contextually correct note generation.

How does the AI handle different accents?

The AI uses advanced speech recognition technology that can understand various accents and speech patterns, enhancing its ability to accurately transcribe and interpret meetings.

What if corrections are needed in the file notes?

Users can easily edit and customise the file notes generated by the AI to ensure accuracy and completeness before finalising them.

How long does it take to set up?

Minimal initial setup is required. The AI can adapt to the advisor’s style over time, but it’s ready to use from day one.

Can the solution integrate with my existing CRM system?

Yes, it is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing CRM systems, allowing for automated data entry and synchronisation.

How much does it cost?

We have multiple pricing options which are available on our pricing page.

How secure is the AI SaaS solution?

The platform employs robust security measures including data encryption, secure data storage, and strict access controls to protect sensitive client information.

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