Streamline Your Job Site Inspections with FieldKo's Checklist Software

Our digital checklists allow you to streamline data sharing across workflows, creating a secure and scalable data-gathering structure for your business.

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Tailor Job Site Inspection Checklists to Your Requirements

FieldKo's digital checklists are configurable which allows you to easily create checklists for your specific needs. You can add or remove questions, change the order of tasks and automate team notifications. Add custom instructions, fields, workflows and rules to meet your specific business needs.


Access Job Site Checklists on Any Device

Securely access your checklists across any device,  including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Ensure your team has access to checklists on their device from wherever they're working, whether in the office, at home or in the field.


Extend Digital Checklists with Automation

Our platform's automation capabilities streamline workflows and improve productivity. Automate reminders, notifications and follow-up tasks based on certain conditions. Data collected through our digital checklists can be configured to drive other processes as needed.


Drive Analytics and Reporting

Build reports to track information collected through each Digital Checklists. Configure dashboards to securely share information with other team members and understand your data on a granular level. Identify trends and outliers to build your understanding of key data drivers.


Got questions?

Is the FieldKo Digital Checklist solution built on Salesforce?

Yes, FieldKo is built natively on the Salesforce platform meaning you can leverage it our Digital Checklist solution directly from within Salesforce.

How does FieldKo's Digital Checklists integrate with Salesforce?

Since FieldKo is built on Salesforce, there is no third party integration of use of APIs required to work with an existing Salesforce org. Salesforce customers can use and access FieldKo features such as our Checklists Templates, Questions and Answers directly within their Salesforce org.

What are the benefits of using a digital checklist solution built on the Salesforce platform?

Several benefits of using a digital checklist solution built on the Salesforce platform include increased productivity, better organization, improved collaboration, and more accurate reporting and analytics. Above all, there is no need to integrate with a third party Digital Checklist provider.

Can the FieldKo Digital Checklist solution be customized to meet the specific needs of my business?

Yes, our Digital Checklist solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. This includes custom questions, fields, workflows and rules as well as the ability to tailor checklists to specific business processes or customer segments.

Can the FieldKo Digital Checklist solution be accessed from mobile devices?

Yes, our Digital Checklist solution are accessible from mobile devices through the Salesforce mobile app. This allows employees to access and update checklist information from anywhere at any time.

Can FieldKo use Salesforce Flow?

Yes, because FieldKo is built on the Salesforce platform you can use platform features including Flow directly with FieldKo.

"FieldKo allows our field team of almost 2,000 users to collect over 3 million pieces of site information and drive real business outcomes from data insights each and every year."

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