Regulatory Compliance Management Software

Manage all your accreditation requirements with FieldKo on Salesforce. Effortless to use and packed with powerful features, our centralized data management platform provides real-time insights to keep your team informed and connected everywhere you operate. From built-in compliance tracking and reporting to secure workflow management, analytics, and role-based access control, FieldKo’s no-code regulatory management software saves time and money across all your compliance activities. 

Compliance and audit management

Real-Time ChatGPT AI-Powered Insights And Recommendations

Automate and optimize compliance processes with platform-integrated artificial intelligence. Eliminate time-consuming compliance processes to enhance task accuracy and improve overall compliance management.

  • Collect and analyze risk data from multiple sources
  • Stay up-to-date with frequently changing industry regulations
  • Maintain accurate compliance documentation in fewer steps
Save time and money on compliance with the power of AI

Minimize Regulatory Risks and Penalties

Generate detailed regulatory compliance reports in just a few clicks. Equip stakeholders with the data they need quickly and efficiently to increase transparency and reduce regulatory and compliance risk across your organization. Spot cracks in compliance programs, maintain document adherence and take corrective actions with FieldKo’s easy-to-create status reports.

  • Collect and consolidate data from different sources
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies
  • Build effective and efficient team communication

Achieve regulatory compliance with FieldKo’s built-in reporting

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Understand How Compliance Standards Are Being Met

Track regulatory requirements and industry criteria to stay ahead of non-compliance. Receive real-time notifications and alerts when compliance requirements change to ensure your team’s policies and compliance management processes are always up-to-date. Identify and prioritize risks based on impact and likelihood to reduce the risk of penalties and avoid costly fines by focusing your compliance management system efforts where they matter most.

  • Pinpoint potential compliance issues before they occur
  • Monitor upcoming regulatory modifications
  • Organize data with built-in compliance calendars

Stay compliant across your entire organization


Automate Follow-Up Actions and Activities to Drive Compliance Needs

Save time and minimize errors with automated compliance processes and easy-to-use workflow management tools. Achieve consistency across all internal compliance policies and increase manager bandwidth to focus on high-value activities that reduce the risk of non-compliance.

  • Conduct essential compliance processes with the click of a button
  • Implement new regulatory standards across teams in less time
  • Allow compliance managers to spend more time focused on high-risk areas

Take the guesswork out of workflow management

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Got Questions?

What is the primary purpose of the FieldKo app?

FieldKo is designed to help companies streamline and automate their compliance processes, allowing them to conduct inspections and manage regulatory requirements more efficiently.

How does FieldKo integrate with Salesforce?

FieldKo is built on the Salesforce platform, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with other Salesforce products and services, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and custom objects.

Can FieldKo be customized to fit my company's specific compliance needs?

Yes, FieldKo can be tailored to your company's unique compliance requirements, taking advantage of Salesforce's flexible customization and development options.

Is FieldKo accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, FieldKo can be accessed on mobile devices through the Salesforce mobile app, enabling users to conduct inspections and manage compliance tasks on-the-go.

Can FieldKo manage multiple compliance frameworks and regulations?

Yes, FieldKo is designed to handle various compliance frameworks and regulations, such as OSHA, allowing your organization to centralize and manage all compliance requirements in one place.

Can FieldKo automate compliance tasks and workflows?

 Yes, FieldKo can automate repetitive tasks and workflows, such as data collection, reporting, and document management, helping to reduce manual work and improve overall efficiency.

Can FieldKo track and monitor policy violations?

Yes, FieldKo can track and monitor policy violations, providing alerts and notifications to relevant stakeholders, enabling proactive compliance management and risk mitigation.

Does FieldKo support risk assessment and management?

Yes, FieldKo includes risk assessment and management features, allowing users to identify, prioritize, and mitigate potential compliance risks within their organization.

Can FieldKo manage third-party/vendor compliance?

Yes, FieldKo can help manage third-party/vendor compliance by tracking and monitoring vendor performance against relevant regulations and standards, ensuring your supply chain remains compliant.

Can FieldKo assist with audit preparation and management?

Yes, FieldKo can help with audit preparation by streamlining documentation, evidence collection, and reporting processes, making it easier to demonstrate compliance during an audit.

“What I like most about FieldKo is the sophistication of the solution and the ability to tailor the system to our requirements.”

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